Your Trusted Hearing Healthcare Partner and Expert in Handling Hearing Loss Claims

We can handle ANYTHING related to occupational hearing, from conservation programs to hearing loss claims management.

We are your hearing health partner

Claims administrators get the benefit of our renowned expertise in handling hearing loss claims from start to finish.

Patients get faster access to high-quality local care, appropriate products and comprehensive follow-up services.

Employers leverage our knowledge of Hearing Conservation Program management to ensure complete OSHA compliance.

It’s a win-win-win for everyone!

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know.

But Advanced Hearing Providers DOES know! We know how to manage all things related to occupational hearing loss - from risk mitigation to claims management.

Advanced Hearing Providers delivers a streamlined occupational Hearing Healthcare Solution -  from an employee’s first hearing test to workers’ compensation claims management and all steps in between. Our goal is to prevent workplace hearing loss and, when claims do arise, to ensure patients receive appropriate treatment while maximizing savings of both time and money.

Finding Audiologists, Hearing Aid Specialists and Otolaryngologists that accept workers’ compensation patients is difficult, particularly when state fee schedules apply. Our network of 6,000+ providers gives access to these providers at contracted rates only available through the AHP program.

We go above and beyond to address any testing, compliance or claims issues before they become costly, time-consuming problems.

We are your Occupational Hearing Health Partner.

What AHP does...

  • Manage Hearing Conservation Programs
  • Conduct On-Site or Mobile Hearing Testing
  • Maintain OSHA Compliance
  • Determine Hearing Loss Work-Relatedness
  • Contain Cost on Hearing Loss Claims
  • Provide Professional Review of Treatment Recommendations
  • Assume the Administrative Burden - all the way through

Specialized Hearing Loss Expertise

AHP is your All-Things-Hearing Loss specialist, leveraging our extensive network of safety experts, claims administration specialists and top-notch care providers to deliver optimum results.

We’re 100% focused on occupational hearing health—from hearing safety programs and coordinating patient care to handling claims and paying providers. Our specialized expertise means more efficient claims services for employers, providers and patients—faster service, lower costs and way less hassle.

Access to High-Quality customer service & Hearing Products

AHP maintains contracts with over 6,000 in-network providers to provide patients with access to the top-notch care and high-quality hearing aids and accessories they deserve. These industry relationships ensure maximum cost-containment while greatly simplifying the administration process for claims professionals.

Our “concierge-style” customer service is our pride and joy and delivers a hearing care experience that’s second to none.

With our “Same Day Guarantee,” we will contact and start working with new referrals the same day we receive it. We provide updates on claims every 2 business days, but if you prefer to receive updates more or less often just say the word and we will make it happen.

Whatever service level you want, we will deliver - without exception.


are hearing loss claims slowing you down?

Hearing loss claims are almost always complicated, overpriced, and a hassle. We handle your hearing claims quickly and efficiently, saving you and your clients’ money.

Let Us Streamline Your Claims Administration Process

AHP takes the pressure off with our same-day hearing claim processing - we begin administering your claim as much as possible the same day that it is received.


Use the AHP Program in situations when:

  • There is a need to determine causality
  • An audiogram is needed
  • Requests for hearing aids are received
  • Hearing screening follow-up is required
  • Additional supplies or batteries are requested

Reduce Follow-up Claims

Our services also help reduce follow-up claims, easing the burden on claims professionals to re-open claims by offering a comprehensive coverage package:

  • A complimentary comprehensive audiogram
  • Hearing Aid fitting follow-up care
  • 3 years of loss and damage insurance
  • 5-year repair warranty
  • Free batteries for the life of the instrument

All are included with every hearing aid fitting and all services under this package are coordinated and processed by us—you won’t have to do a thing!

AHP is all things occupational hearing! That means we can handle any of your hearing loss related concerns and will find you savings you never knew were possible!

Get your Hearing Loss Claims handled faster, cheaper and better today.

Our services can be customized to your needs. Let us know what challenges you face, and we'll show you how we can help!