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Concentra Partnership Delivers Complete Claims Solutions!

“What problem does this partnership solve for me?” Managing workers’ compensation claims can often feel daunting. It reminds me of my friend Bill’s recent struggles with the DMV. In 2020, he scheduled the appointment online due to COVID—it was booked out by three months. He showed up only to find…

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Self-Insured Employers

Stronger Together Employers unite to increase purchasing power. Self-Insured Employers are combining their purchasing power to reduce workers’ compensation claims costs. By banding together, Advanced Hearing Providers helps employers close their hearing loss claims with maximum savings.

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Expert Guide to Hearing Loss Prevention

Expert Guide to Hearing Loss Prevention by Josh Frantz, Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist and Occupational Hearing Conservationist   We have all heard that car with the huge speakers turned all the way up roll by, rattling the windows of nearby buildings. Or we have been to a concert (maybe…

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Brianna Davis, New Claims and Sales Coordinator at AHP

  Hi! I am Briana Davis and I just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself as the newest team member at Advanced Hearing Providers. I am excited about my new role here at AHP as the Claims and Sales Coordinator. Some of you may recognize me from my…

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TeleCare Increases Patient Satisfaction

By Suzanne Younker, Au.D. Claimants that are happy with their post-injury medical care are a significant contributor to reducing overall claim costs. Fewer follow-up visits means less expense and an earlier return to work. Innovative healthcare delivery approaches such as quality-based care models, outcome analytics, and patient-managed wellness technology is…

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4 Things You Should Know About Negotiating Directly with Healthcare Providers

Workers’ Compensation Claims Examiners are well known for their ability to control cost. Of course, that is not the only thing you do. Examiners are also busy determining reserves, investigating questionable claims, keeping meticulous records and managing litigious cases. However, professional medical services take a large amount of time and…

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