100% OSHA Compliance With Minimum Impact On Productivity

Industry leading technology and turnkey testing services for your hearing conservation program.

Cost-Effective, Turnkey OSHA Compliance Testing

We coordinate more than 100,000 baseline and annual hearing tests every year. Our expertise in OSHA requirements and hearing conservation will ensure your complete compliance.

  • We Take Care of Everything

    Our mobile and in-house testing services are built to meet the requirements of your unique workspace. We manage the scheduling, follow-up and record-keeping of the testing, freeing you to focus on your business without worrying about compliance issues.

  • Cost-Effective

    We provide you with a single accurate price quote for all the services you need.

  • Fast Turnaround

    Adhere to OSHA timelines with our prompt & responsive service so that we can manage required follow-up procedures within the legal timeframe.

  • Accurate Testing

    Our extensive nationwide network of Hearing Healthcare Providers gives your facility and employees a wide range of flexible off-site testing options when needed.

  • Professional Supervision

    Our in-house Audiologists provide detailed clinical review of all hearing test results. This professional staff is committed to promptly analyzing and presenting best practice recommendations to employers.

Mobile and In-House Testing Services

By placing our expertise, services, and resources at your disposal, you no longer need to worry or put off testing your facility.

Our commitment to efficiency resulted in the creation of our unique process:

We test the hearing of
4 employees

Simultaneously another 4 employees are trained on hearing protection devices to meet the education requirement.

This reduces the time needed to achieve compliance while keeping the impact on workplace productivity to a minimum.

Our mobile and in-house testing services are tailored to meet the requirements of your unique workspaces and shifts

In-House Testing Management

Use our resources and network to establish, execute and manage your industrial hearing conservation program from start to finish.

We install the requisite testing hardware and software and train/certify your employees to effectively manage and handle your in-house hearing safety program.

Once certified, your employees can administer the hearing tests while we manage the data and follow-ups on your behalf.


Hearing conservation that provides comprehensive OSHA compliance

Our clinical experts provide a prompt and detailed review of test results to determine if your facility requires a hearing conservation program, and then work with you to establish a compliance program quickly and efficiently.

  • Our staff Audiologists provide hearing loss prevention program management and consultation to ensure complete compliance.
  • Comprehensive review of OSHA 300 Logs, noise control documentation, hearing protection processes, and testing equipment calibrations.
  • Comprehensive area noise surveys to determine exactly what the exposure levels of your workspaces are.
  • Electronic data management allows for cloud-based access to information and reports.
  • Keep within OSHA stipulated timelines by promptly notifying your employees and scheduling a retest with one of our local Hearing Healthcare Partners.

Get a Comprehensive Compliance Review for Your Facility

Not sure if your facility is compliant? Schedule a consultation now to have a compliance review performed today!